• Feed Production System

    Feed Production System

    In-house feed formulation and production facility

No types of hormones or growth stimulating chemicals are used in any of our nursery or grow-out systems or fish feed.

And speaking of feed, we produce fish feed production system, all in house! By producing and custom formulating our own feed, we know exactly what our fish are eating and this enables us to provide the most nutritionally balanced diets without using ANY fresh fish caught from local waters.


Feed Production System

Custom Fish Feed Solutions

Nutritionally-balanced, custom-formulated, low-impact fish feed production facility at our farm in Phuket Thailand.

We established early in our company’s life the need for high quality, nutritional feeds for our fish. Unfortunately after much searching we realised that we couldn’t get the quality off the shelf in Thailand and had to import hugely expensive international feeds. For this reason we decided to invest the time and money in custom formulating a high-protein, slow-sinking pelleted feed, specifically for our grouper species. The growth rates and FCR (Feed Conversion Rates) that we achieved were better than the traditional method of feeding trash fish to farmed grouper (something that we were never going to do anyway). With our formulation we were able to carefully balance high quality raw ingredients, vitamins, minerals and specific probiotics (not the same as antibiotics!) whilst minimising the amount of fish proteins that went into the feed formula.

In the beginning, we were hand making pellets that were custom formulated on site until we started to expand and quickly realise that something more commercial would be required to produce the volume and size range that we needed.

In 2017 we invested in a fish feed production line including:

  • twin screw extruder and pre-conditioner
  • screw mixers
  • pin wheel grinders for fine particle reduction
  • 5-layer multi-speed drying oven
  • pellet cooling system
  • sifting system for particle and oversized pellet removal

The result is a farm that is able to produce high-quality, slow-sinking (or floating), custom feeds with reduced fines and the ability to produce custom, small-scale (<10 tonne) batches (unlike the big feed production houses) for our customers. We can produce pellets ranging in size from 1 mm to 16 mm and have in-house nutritionists who can assist with our customers’ special requests should you wish to deviate from our formula.

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