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    EAA operates land-based, closed-loop Fish Hatchery, Nursery and Grow-Out systems focusing on production of the healthiest, and most traceable marine fin fish to the Asia Pacific region.

By embracing innovation and technology, we are able to use Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) in every stage of our production process. These closed-loop RAS systems enable us to maintain the highest quality of water for our species at every stage of their life. If our system water were fresh water and not salt water, you could drink it!

Our Goals


To become the largest supplier of completely SUSTAINABLE, hatchery-reared Grouper AND Snapper in the region.


To be able to invest in R&D, enabling us to close the life cycle of, and supply any species of Grouper or Snapper in sufficient quantities to meet the market’s demand.


To pioneer the aquaculture industry towards supplying completely sustainable, traceable, and responsibly-produced products. To do this, we are using our own high-quality insect-based fish food.


To become one of the first, and major players in the world producing high-grade, low-FCR marine and aquarium fish feed that includes NO fish-derived proteins. To do this, we are producing in house our own insect larvae protein meal, which is a replacement for the fish proteins usually found in aqua feed, thus making us and our products 100% sustainable.


To achieve our core goal of saving the oceans from overfishing and allowing them to recover.

Our Company

We started this business because we had witnessed firsthand the destructive and damaging effects that commercial fishing fleets were having on the region’s wild fish stocks. Depletion of large wild reef fish, and damage to the reefs and underwater environments, led us to believe there must be a more environmentally-conscious way to go about supplying the fish that are in such high demand here in Asia, and globally. The answer to this is to utilise modern technology via land-based Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS).

RAS systems:
  • use nearly 100% less water that traditional land-based prawn farms and earthen ponds;
  • are more environmentally friendly to sea cage farming, which may pollute coastal waterways with feed and other by-products;
  • leave a fraction of the environmental footprint while providing a much higher output of fish.

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