• Purging Systems

    Purging Systems

    Purging fish before packing and transport

Purging Systems

Purging fish before packing and transport and eliminating any possibility of ‘fishy’ or undesirable flavour

Our purging systems do what they say on the label! They are designed and in place to purge the fry and market-sized fish before packing and shipping to the end consumer. This stage is extremely critical. If the fish have food in their stomachs before we ship them to our clients, the transport water will become dirty very quickly and cause severe mortality and unhappy customers! For this reason, we purge all fish anywhere from 24 hours, up to 1 week, depending on their life stage. During the purging period, the fish are not fed anything, which empties their stomachs and also reduces any ‘fishy’ taste in the market-sized fish, which some of our customers prefer.

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