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    Quarantine Systems

    Pathogen prevention, detection and Eradication

Quarantine Systems

First line of defence against unwanted parasite, bacterial and viral outbreaks in the nursery and later in grow-out systems at our farms

The quarantine systems we have in place are designed to hold any newly-arrived fry, whether they are from our own hatchery or not. We have a minimum standard duration of 2 weeks in the quarantine systems for all fry that arrive at our nursery and grow-out facility.

Our quarantine systems are designed to maintain the highest water qualities by employing multi-stage filtration including zeolite media filters and drum filters designed to remove particulates down to less than 5 microns (0.005 mm!), UV sterilisation for pathogen/virus inactivation, Bio-filtration, CO2 and gas management, along with Ozone injection for water clarity and additional disinfection.

By holding fry in the quarantine systems, it allows us enough time to detect and eradicate parasite infections and viral issues, and also gives us the time to carry out real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests for viral nervous necrosis (VNN) and Iridovirus. All of this means that we guarantee our fry are in the best possible health when they leave our facilities.

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