• Nursery Systems

    Nursery Systems

    Pre-grow-out systems for fry maturation into fingerlings

Nursery Systems

Fish Nursery Pods

Quarantine cleared, into the main fish nursery system we go…

After our fry successfully leave the quarantine systems they are moved into our fish nursery systems. Typically the fry are around 3-6 cm total in length at this point and are still somewhat sensitive and too small to go into grow-out tanks.

Our nursery systems employ similar filtration and life support systems to those of the quarantine systems and also have real-time water quality monitoring and alarming systems in place. We break our nursery systems into smaller pods of 3 to 6 tanks, each of which have their own life support systems. This is preferable to sharing one big system because it enables us to minimise the potential for catastrophic loss.

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