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Aquaculture Consultancy

RAS tech engineering, design, construction services, water monitoring systems, feed formulation and analysis.

We have been designing, building and operating commercial high-density Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) since 2008. So, we know a fair bit about what works and what doesn’t! Along with the life support system design we also designed and built our own real-time water quality monitoring systems using the best commercial probes but completely customizing the back-end alarming, monitoring and dosing systems.

We have noticed that we get a lot of enquiries from budding aquaculturists, some like us when we first started (small one-man/one-woman operations), and others who have quite large existing farms that would like to improve their systems or convert completely to RAS. Although we are very busy with the operation and expansion of our farms, we are happy to discuss bespoke opportunities with people/organisations and if we can offer assistance with projects, we will look at each case individually. Get in contact with us should you have any projects you would like assistance with engineering, designing or building, and we will let you know if we can help.
Our fish stock

Our fish stock

We currently sell Fry and Juvenile fish, as well as full/market sized food fish

Fry & Juvenile Market sized fish
Custom Feed Solutions

Custom Feed Solutions

We have our own in-house feed formulation and production facility

Fish Feed Solutions

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